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2 Piece Milling Vises

Two Piece Milling Vise

A two piece milling machine vise is designed to allow the use of the full length of the mill table.
A large milling vise holds extra-long work rigidly and accurately.
Body is quality casting. All working and mounting surfaces are precision machined.
Jaws are hardened and precision ground.
Includes handle.
Quantity Price Model Description Jaw Width Jaw Depth Jaws Open to Weight

$188.00 VS-TP6
6" Two Piece Milling Vise 6" 3" 11/16" 29 lbs

$229.00 VS-TP8A
8" Two Piece Milling Vise- 3-1/4" jaw height 8" 3-1/4" 13/16" 53 lbs
Out of stock
$252.90 VS-TP8
8" Two Piece Milling Vise- 3-7/8" jaw height 8" 3-7/8" 13/16" 53 lbs