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AutoCAD Pocket Reference

AutoCAD Pocket Reference

AutoCAD Pocket Reference (6th edition)
Cheryl R. Shrock (Updated by Steve Heather)
Illustrated, 5 x 7
Published: 2014

Organized in 13 sections, this indispensable aid and handy reference is perfect for students, teachers, and all on the job.
AutoCAD users who are on the go and need an occasional reminder on how to use a command.
This pocket reference is not intended to be a substitute for an introductory textbook.

All sections updated to reflect AutoCAD 2013/2014 styles, including all new images and many amended and new illustrations.
Totally revised and reformatted Table of Contents and Index, making it much easier to pick out the correct page number for the topic you need.

All Arc illustrations have been redrawn to eliminate the need to rotate pages
Hatch command coverage updated to reflect the new methods in AutoCAD 2013/2014
A new section on opening multiple files in AutoCAD 2014.
A new section on creating an Autodesk 360 account, plus how to save and open files to Autodesk 360 Cloud.
All the new commands and additions to the Command Line in AutoCAD 2014.
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AutoCAD Pocket Reference - 6th Ed