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Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook

Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook

By Robert L. Norton, P.E.
2001, 7 3/8 X 9 1/4 illustrated hardcover
640 pages
Includes CD-ROM with 90-day trial demonstration copies of Dynacam, Fourbar, Sixbar, and Slider (cam and cam-follower linkage design programs)
Beginning at an introductory level and progressing to more advanced topics, this comprehensive handbook provides all the information needed to properly design, model, analyze, specify, and manufacture cam-follower systems. The reader will find complete coverage of:
Proper Cam Design Techniques
Single and Multi-Dwell Cams
Polynomial Cams
Spline Functions for Cams
Pressure Angle and Radius of Curvature
Radial and Barrel Cams
Translating and Oscillating Followers
Roller and Flat-Faced Followers
Forward and Inverse Dynamic Analyses
Residual Vibrations
Polydyne and Splinedyne Cams
Cam Profile Definition
Cutter Compensation
Conjugate Cams
Cam Materials and Manufacturing Techniques
Stress Analysis of the Cam Follower Joint
Lubrication of the Cam Follower Joint
Measurement of the Cam Follower Dynamics
Extensive Bibliography of the Cam Literature
Case Studies of Cam Designs
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Cam Design and Manufacturing Handbook