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Drill Chuck Keys and Accessories

Drill Chuck Keys

Replacement keys for Jacobs drill chucks.
Model TK-5 fits current Jacobs 20N chucks, but will not work in many older 20N or 20 chucks.
Quantity Price Model Description Fits Jacobs Models

$3.90 TK-0
Drill Chuck Key for 0 series, 1852-0004 0,0B

$4.25 TK-1
Drill Chuck Key for 1 series, 1852-0005 1A, 1B

$4.25 TK-2
Drill Chuck Key for 2 series, 1852-0040 2A, 2B

$5.75 TK-3
Drill Chuck Key for 14N, 34 series, 1852-0035 6A, 34, 3, 3A, 14N

$15.90 TK-4
Drill Chuck Key for 36, 16N, 18N, 1852-0013 36, 16N, 18N

$28.90 TK-5
Drill Chuck Key for 20N, 1852-3657 20N

$7.25 TK-7
Drill Chuck Key for 7 series, 1852-0015 7, 7B

$4.90 TK-30
Drill Chuck Key for 8-1/2N, 30 series, 1852-0025 30, 30B, 31B, 81/2N

$5.25 TK-32
Drill Chuck Key for 11N, 32, 33, 1852-0030 32, 33, 11N

$3.50 TK-G
Drill Chuck Key for Multicraft Chucks, 1852-0010 MC1, DC1, U4, DC4 series

$3.90 TK-K
Drill Chuck Key for Multicraft Chucks, 1852-0020 MC4, DC8, U8 MC8 series

Four Way Master Drill Chuck Keys

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.
These drill chuck keys are made in the USA.
TK-ST12 for 3/8 to 3/4" Jacobs Chucks - includes K2,3,4,32.
TK-ST13 for 1/4 to 3/8"Jacobs Chucks - includes KK,G,7,30.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$15.90 TK-ST13
4 Way Master Key for 1/4 - 3/8" Chucks, 1852-0060

Chuck Removal Wedges

Set includes 2 Jacobs chuck removal wedges. Tap these drill chuck removal wedges to remove drill chucks from arbors.
Quantity Price Model Description For Jacobs Tapers:

$18.40 JAC-W1
Removal Wedges for 1JT Tapers, 1835-0100 1 JT

$18.40 JAC-W2
Removal Wedges for 2JT Tapers, 1835-0105 2 JT

$18.40 JAC-W3
Removal Wedges for 3JT Tapers, 1835-0110 3 JT

$18.40 JAC-W6
Removal Wedges for 6JT or 33JT Tapers, 1835-0115 6 JT, 33 JT

Sensitive Drill Feed

Using a Sensitive Drill Feed assembly with a suitable Drill Chuck is a great way to reduce drill breakage and scrap when large machine tools are used to drill small holes.

Our "DF-1" Sensitive Drill Feed arbor has a 1/2" straight shank and 1/2" travel. It holds drill chucks with a 0 Jacobs Taper.
Our "DF-C" is a "Jacobs" brand Model #0 keyed chuck that mounts to the Drill Feed's 0JT spindle.
Quantity Price Model Description

$55.00 DF-1
Sensitive Drill Feed (without chuck), 1850-0530

$121.90 DF-C
Drill Chuck, Jacobs #0, keyed, 0.135"-5/32" Cap, 0JT Mount, for Drill Feed