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Drill Chuck Removal Wedges

Chuck Removal Wedges

Jacobs Brand Drill Chuck Removal Wedges.
Set includes 2 chuck removal wedges.
Tap the wedges together to remove drill chucks from arbors.
These items have been discontinued by the manufacturer; this is our last-of-stock.
Quantity Price Model Description For Jacobs Tapers:
Out of stock
$18.40 JAC-W1
Removal Wedges for 1JT Tapers, DISC BY MFR 1 JT

$18.40 JAC-W2
Removal Wedges for 2JT Tapers, DISC BY MFR 2 JT

$18.40 JAC-W3
Removal Wedges for 3JT Tapers, DISC BY MFR 3 JT
Out of stock
$18.40 JAC-W6
Removal Wedges for 6JT or 33JT Tapers, DISC BY MFR 6 JT, 33 JT