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Engineers Precision Data Pocket Reference

Engineers Precision Data

Engineers Precision Data Pocket Reference
Steve Heather
72 Pages, Softcover
Published: May, 2014

This book is spiral bound and opens out flat or folds back, making it very easy use while you work!
A pocket-size reference that has all the fundamental data that engineers need in their daily work.
Tapping and drilling charts, hole coordinate charts with common sizes already worked out, speeds/feeds, material specs, drawing symbols and standards, CNC machine codes, plus much more.
Ideal for mechanical, manufacturing, and design engineers, draftsmen, toolmakers, machinists, students, and hobbyists

This is the right choice for you if you want a pocket reference that:
Is compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry and really does fit in your pocket.
Contains the essential data you need practically every day, yet is uncluttered by extraneous information.
Is organized so you can easily locate the data you need very quickly.
Contains data not found in similar books, such as thread charts showing all effective sizes.
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Engineers Precision Data Pocket Reference