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Exercise Workbook for Beginning AutoCAD 2015

Exercise Workbook for Beginning AutoCAD 2015

Exercise Workbook for Beginning AutoCAD 2015
Cheryl R. Shrock and Steve Heather
550 pages, Illustrated, 8.5 x 11
Published: 2014

Includes 30-day AutoCAD 2015 Trial Software on the enclosed CD.

For Use with the PC version of AutoCAD 2015 only

This is the right book for users if they’re new to AutoCAD or want to brush up on the basics.
All exercises print easily on a standard 8 ˝ x 11 printer.

The New Tab page containing two sliding content frames, Learn and Create, enabling you to quickly access recent drawing files, templates, product updates and online resources.
Dark color interface which includes the Ribbon, Status Bar and Palettes.
This contrasts with the dark model space and reduces eye strain.
Graphics Performance dialog box making it easier to change graphics settings.
Lasso selection giving greater control when selecting objects.

Totally updated for AutoCAD 2015 and 2015 LT.

Improved Features include Enhanced Status Bar giving greater control on the tools you want displayed;
Reorganized View Ribbon making it easier to control the visibility of the UCS Icon, Navigation Bar, ViewCube and Layout Tabs; and Improved graphics with Line Smoothing.
AutoCAD 2015 30-Day Trial Version included on the enclosed DVD.
Ideal for classroom instruction or as a self-study tutorial.
Provides only what you need without all of the jargon.
Includes 30 lessons with step by step instructions followed by exercises designed for practicing the commands learned within the lesson.
Each lesson starts very simple and progresses to more complex.
The approach taken is to familiarize you with the drawing commands first, and then teach users to create their own setup drawings.
Each lesson is explained clearly and in a non-intimidating manner.
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Exercise Workbook -Beginning AutoCAD 2015