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Handbook of Manufacturing Processes

Handbook of Manufacturing Processes

Handbook of Manufacturing Processes: How Products, Components, and Materials are Made
James G. Bralla
864 pages, Illustrated, 7 x 10
Published: January 2007

Far more ambitious than any similar reference, the Handbook of Manufacturing Processes is an in-depth compilation of the workings of more than 1500 manufacturing processes in the metalworking, chemicals, textiles, plastics, ceramics, electronics, wood, and food industries; as well as a wide-ranging presentation of how more than 600 important products, components, and materials are made. Logically organized in two sections—a process section and a products section—it describes clearly and succinctly the operations performed in the world’s factories. Heavily illustrated, it is an extraordinarily comprehensive source of technical manufacturing information. Manufacturing and process engineers, factory managers and supervisors, and anyone who has an interest in or needs to know about manufacturing operations and how products are made – including those not technically trained – will find in this book a treasure trove of useful information.

* Practical, understandable explanations, even for complex processes.
* Clear, jargon-free descriptions of how each of 1500 current and recently developed manufacturing processes work, what they do to the material or workpiece that is worked on, what the results are, and where these processes are used and why.
* Precise explanations of how 600 products, components, and materials are made
* Text entries that are coded as in an outline, with these alpha/numerical designations carried over to the related illustrations for easy cross-referencing.
* Related processes that are grouped together; and sequential operations that are covered in order.
* Contributions from an Editorial Board of 24 experts.
* More than 600 line drawings and photographs.
* A detailed table of contents and extensive index.

Section I: Manufacturing Processes
* Casting Processes
* Metal Forming Processes
* Machining Processes
* Processes for Plastics
* Glass and Ceramic Processes
* Woodworking Processes
* Assembly and Fusion (or Joining) Processes
* Finishing Processes (including Heat Treating)
* Paper, Fiber, and Printing Processes
* Textile Processes
* Chemical Processes
* Food Processes
* Processes for Electronic Products
* Advanced Manufacturing Methods

Section II: How Products, Components and Materials Are Made
This section identifies the materials used, and describes the operation sequence and manufacturing methods for many important products, components and materials. Notable products such as aircraft, automobiles, computers, musical instruments, eyeglasses, firearms, jewelry, perfume and shoes are among those included. Components such as lasers, integrated circuits, metal cans, cartons, auto airbags, gears, jet engines, locks, electric motors, solar cells and superconductors are covered. This section also describes the manufacture of many foods including cereals, cheese, spices, and beverages (including alcoholic types), and materials such as plastics, metals and alloys, and important chemicals.
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Handbook of Manufacturing Processes