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Inspection and Gaging

Inspection and Gaging

By Clifford W. Kennedy, Edward G Hoffman, and Steven D. Bond
1987, 6 X 9", illustrated.
654 pages
Concise yet comprehensive, this highly acclaimed training manual and reference provides the many phases of inspection work and their application to today's manufacturing operations through a practical down-to-earth presentation.
Discusses a range of manual and automatic measuring devices along with their specific functions and the specialized functions involved in their use.
Analyzes the methods and duties of inspectors.
Appropriate for use by inspection supervisors, plant managers, quality control engineers and subcontractors.
Includes SPC and other data analysis methods for manufacturing applications.
Provides detailed discussions of available measuring and quantitative systems.
Compares important measuring and gaging systems.
The Need and Function of Inspection in Industry
How Specifications Aid the Inspector
Tolerances and Allowances
How Standards Aid the Inspection
Basic Priciples and Techniques of Measurement
Comparison and Fixed Gages
Surface Plate Methods and Equipment
Optical Measuring and Inspection Equipment
Gaging and Inspection of Screw Threads
Special Measuring and Inspection Problems
Gage Checking and Calibration
Measuring in Millionths
Coordinate Measuring Machines
Automatic Gaging
Nondestructive Testing
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Inspection and Gaging, 6th Ed.