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Machine Shop Know-How

Machine Shop Know-How

By Frank Marlow.
520 pages. 2010. Paperbound. Illustrated with nearly 600 new line drawings.
The long awaited sequal to Machine Shop Essentials.
There is only enough overlap between the two books to provide continuity and context. Over 90% of the material is new. The book is directed towards the intermediate to advanced machinist.

Using an easy to understand chapter format, Machine Shop Know-How presents hundreds of imaginative shop solutions devised by top industry professionals, including how to really organize your shop; how to truly master your lathe, milling machine, bandsaws and grinders; how to fabricate ingenious shop-made tools and modify existing ones; how to make clever and useful jigs and fixtures; and how to use the valuable skill-building lessons learned in this book to solve your own shop problems. There are over 100 pages of tips and techniques.

There are dozens of projects that you can make. Not only will they provide important skill-building shop experience, you will own valuable, practical tools to improve your work and your machine tools. Many projects have detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Lathes as small as Sherline and Levine and as large as Kent and Colchester are discussed. Kent, Sherline and Bridgeport-style mills are also covered.

Chapter 1 Setting Up Shop
Chapter 2 Metals, Alloys, Oils & Hardness Testing
Chapter 3 Tapers, Dowel Pins, Fasteners& Key Concepts
Chapter 4 Filing & Grinding
Chapter 5 Drilling, Reaming & Tapping
Chapter 6 Bandsaws
Chapter 7 Lathes
Chapter 8 Milling Machines
Chapter 9 Machine Shop Problem Solving
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Machine Shop Know-How