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Machine Tool Technology Basics

Machine Tool Technology Basics

By Steve Krar, Arthur Gill, Peter Smid, and Paul Wanner
2003, illustrated.
416 pages. Softcover.
includes a link to a free CAD/CAM program.

Written by three experienced educators and practitioners, this book is sure to be a useful tool for anyone needing to learn about today's machine tool trade.
Organized in three sections, it begins with basic metal-removal operations of conventional machines, progresses to CNC machines, and finishes with CAD/CAM.
Comes with a CAD/CAM software program for download, making it possible to design a part on a computer, generate machining codes (G&M), and simulate the tool path to check for programming errors.
Begins each section with a Section Opener collage and includes an introduction, learning objectives, key terms summary, and knowledge review questions.
Highlights safety precautions throughout the text.
Includes the latest direct ironmaking and direct steelmaking processes and minimills.
Introduces conventional/programmable lathes, vertical mills, and surface grinders, demonstrating the steps from conventional to CNC machines.
Provides CAD/CAM examples for the lathe and mill.
Contains a comprehensive machine tool glossary.
Offers an overview of Virtual Reality NC.
Contains a careers section that highlights opportunities in metalworking and manufacturing.

The Evolution of Machine Tools
Careers in Machining/Manufacturing
Measuring System and Tools
Workplace Communications
Layout Tools and Procedures
Hand Tools
Power Saws
Drill Presses
The Engine Lathe
Milling Machines
Computer Age Machining
Introduction to CAD/CAM
Heat Treating
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