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Metal Stamping Process

The Metal Stamping Process

By Jim Szumera
2003, 6 X 9 illustrated hardcover
224 pages
Includes ProQuote cost-estimation program on floppy disk
This book is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in or preparing for a career in the metal forming industry. It was written by an expert with over 30 years of practical experience, and it has been used for years as the core reference for what is widely regarded as the premier training program in this industry. With this book you will have immediate access to metal working formulas, design standards, set up techniques, guidelines for designing and tolerancing parts, material choices, EDM, coatings, lubricants, problems and root causes, tooling tips, machine maintenance and mil standards. Also included is ProQuote, a complete and simple-to-use Excel program for cost estimating tools and parts. It will help ensure that your calculations are correct and save you time besides.
The Distinct Groups of Metal Stamping
Part Design
Estimating and Quoting
Tool Design
Raw Material
Designing for Part Features
Forming and Bending Applications
Draw Forming
Designing for Performance
Tooling Enhancements for Performance
Pressroom Utilization
Die Electronics
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The Metal Stamping Process