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Mitutoyo Digimatic Calipers

Mitutoyo Electronic Calipers

Accuracy +/- .001"
Reads .0005"/ .01mm

With large numbers, longer battery life, and Absolute Scale.
Absolute encoder technology holds the zero point for the life of the battery.
All models feature an on/off button, one-touch inch/metric conversion button, floating zero, stainless steel construction, and a thumbroll for finer adjustments.

Includes battery and fitted plastic case.
Uses common SR44 Batteries.

Models with SPC output can be connected to a computer with the appropriate Mitutoyo cables and interface.
Quantity Price Model Description Range SPC Output?

$133.20 MIT-500-195
4" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, 1259-0800 4" No

$161.00 MIT-500-196
6" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, 1259-0960 6" No

$207.90 MIT-500-197
8" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, 1259-0832 8" No

$417.60 MIT-500-193
12" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, 1259-0842 12" No

$178.60 MIT-500-171
6" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, with output, 1259-0230 6" Yes

$235.60 MIT-500-172
8" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, with output, 1259-0231 8" Yes

$513.95 MIT-500-173
12" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, with output, 1259-0323 12" Yes

$801.80 MIT-500-505
18" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, with output 18" Yes

$880.65 MIT-500-506
24" Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper, with output 24" Yes

Mitutoyo Coolant-Proof Electronic Calipers

Made by Mitutoyo.
IP-67 Protection against water spray and dust.
Reads 0005"/.01mm
Absolute Encoder with origin setting
Uses 2 SR-44 batteries.
Quantity Price Model Description Range

$193.50 MIT-500-752
Mitutoyo 6" IP67 Coolant-Proof Electronic Caliper, 1259-2095 6"

$259.20 MIT-500-753
Mitutoyo 8" IP67 Coolant-Proof Electronic Caliper 8"

$449.10 MIT-500-754
Mitutoyo 12" IP67 Coolant-Proof Electronic Caliper 12"

Mitutoyo MyCal Lite Electronic Caliper

Range 0-6"/ 150mm
Large LCD display reads .001"/ .1mm
Accuracy +/- .005", +/- .2mm.

Stainless steel jaws, depth bar.
Battery lasts appx. 2 years.
Good choice for woodworkers.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$107.10 MIT-700-113
Mitutoyo Mycal Lite Electronic Caliper, 1259-2100