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Motor/Pump Alignment

Millwright's Guide to Motor/Pump Alignment

A Millwright's Guide to Motor Pump Alignment, Second Edition
Tom Harlon
375 pages, Illustrated
Published: April, 2008


A former engineer stated that the author's first edition contained more alignment information than the sum total of all other works in the Library of Congress. This second edition is the result of over 38 years of hard work and many thousands of hours of writing, testing, retesting, and testing again the alignment related formulas the author has developed on his own. It will make users work much easier and will assist them in making many dollars. It is sure to be valuable to novices and professionals alike!

* Written by a mechanic for mechanics in a mechanic's language.
* Provides loads of information, common sense tips, and methods and formulas that have been around for decades.
* Offers the "how-to's"; along with the drawings, the formulas, and mathematical examples that address the "who", "what", "when", "where", "why", and "how" in several dozen realistic incidents involving alignment work.
* Features valuable hints, practical tips, comments, and cautionary notes throughout to drive home each point.
* Covers at least 99% of the field alignment problems encountered by most mechanics.

Table of Contents:

* Introduction
* The Totally Dedicated Mechanic
* "T" Hammer (a short story)
* On the Subject of Tools
* Some Personal Thoughts on Shaft Alignment
* Horizontal vs. Vertical
* Rules
* What to do First
* A Little More on the Subject of Tools
* Handy Practices - Tricks
* Runout Check
* Regarding Repeated Redundancy
* The Sequential Torquing of the Pump Core to Volute
* Soft Legs or Soft Feet
* Perpendicular vs. Otherwise
* Monitoring via Mag-Base Indicators
* Indexing a Bridgeport Milling Machine Head
* Field Coil to Armature Alignment
* The Lateral Aspect (of Field Coil to Armature Alignment)
* Armature to Field Coil Alignment
* Side-to-Side Movement, Using Jackbits
* The Raw Basics of Rim and Face Alignment
* Tapered Inner-Bore Bearings
* Prelude to Rim and Face Alignment
* About the Rest of This (Rim and Face) Chapter
* A Multiple Line-up Problem
* True Story? (Probably)
* Outright Wasted
* Time for a "Coffee Break"
* For My Sons
* Counterproductive Element Identified
* Couplings
* Small Diameter Couplings
* Squirrel Cage Fan Solutions
* Daddy, What is? Daddy, What if
* Perfection
* Chapter Subjects and Titles
* Dueling Brothers
* Unknowns
* Personal to the Reader
* Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?
* Who Are You to do the What?
* A Brief Introduction to the Wagon Wheel Theory
* The Wagon Wheel Method
* Long Spools (Sometimes Called Jackshafts)
* Short Story on Reverse Dial
* Reverse Dial
* Single Side Reverse Dial
* Vertical Mounted Motor/Shaft Alignment Where Random Bolt Patterns Exist
* Auxiliary Attachments
* Vertical Mounted Drivers
* Trammeling Vertical Columns
* Gearboxes with Dual/Triple/More Power Shafts
* Gearboxes with Vertical Power Shafts
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MWs Guide to Motor/Pump Alignment