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R8 Tooling

R8 ER Collet Chuck Sets

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.
Quality Import collet sets for R8 milling machine spindles.
Sets include collet chuck, ER spring collets, wrench, and fitted case.

Follow this link to see ER Spring Collets.
Quantity Price Model Description Number of Collets: Sizes:
Out of stock
$139.00 R8-ER32-SET
R8 ER32 Collet Chuck Set (6 collets) 6 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4"
Out of stock
$239.00 R8-ER40-SET
R8 ER40 Collet Chuck Set (15 collets) 15 1/8" to 1" by 16ths

R-8 To Morse Taper Adapters

For holding Morse Taper shank drill bits, reamers, etc. in milling machines taking R8 tooling.
Quantity Price Model Description Inside Taper

$39.95 R8-M2
R8- 2MT Adapter WT:1620-5 MORSE #2

$44.95 R8-M3
R8- 3MT Adapter WT:1620-10 MORSE #3