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Sensitive Drill Feeds

Sensitive Drill Feed

Using a Sensitive Drill Feed assembly with a suitable Drill Chuck is a great way to reduce drill breakage and scrap when large machine tools are used to drill small holes.

Our "DF-1" Sensitive Drill Feed arbor has a 1/2" straight shank and 1/2" travel. It holds drill chucks with a 0 Jacobs Taper.
Our "DF-C" is a "Jacobs" brand Model #0 keyed chuck that mounts to the Drill Feed's 0JT spindle.
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$55.00 DF-1
Sensitive Drill Feed (without chuck), 1850-0530

$121.90 DF-C
Drill Chuck, Jacobs #0, keyed, 0.135"-5/32" Cap, 0JT Mount, for Drill Feed