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Technical Shop Mathematics

Technical Shop Mathematics, Third Edition

Technical Shop Mathematics, Third Edition
Thomas Achatz and John G. Anderson, with contributions by Kathleen McKenzie
600 pages, Illustrated, 8 X 10
Published: November, 2005

Completely revised and updated, the intent of this new edition is to provide students with the geometric and trigonometric
concepts needed to solve problems commonly encountered in technical and trade occupations. Technical Shop
Mathematics begins with arithmetic and then presents basic mathematical manipulations, geometry, elementary trigonometry,
and graphing. Practical explanations, problem solving techniques, examples, and exercises are provided throughout; and
emphasis is placed on applicationsmaking it an ideal resource for standard lecture courses or guided self-paced study.

* Contains a larger, easier to read two-color format with improved flow between topics.
* Provides clear explanations that build on the strengths which have made this book a standard for more than 25 years.
* Includes an introduction to Statistics which is needed for many technical trades and not offered in most similar texts.
* Presents sufficient material for a very full one-semester course or for two standard lecture courses.

* Section 1: Arithmetic - Introduction. Common Fractions. Decimal Fractions. Metric (SI) and English Units: Measurement
of length and weight. Operations with Percents. Ratio and Proportion. Meaures of Central Tendency. Powers and Roots.
* Section 2: Algebra - Fundamentals of Algebra. Factoring Algebraic Expressions and Radicals. Logarithms.
* Section 3: Geometry - Lines, Angles, and Plane Figures. Triangles. Other Axioms, Postulates, and Theorems.
Perimeter and Surface Area, Introduction. Circle. Volume. Metric (SI) and English Units: Measurement of area, volume and
* Section 4: Trigonometry Right Angle Trigonometry. Oblique Angle Trigonometry.
* Section 5: Shop Problems (Hands-On) Shop Trigonometry. Measuring Instruments, The Vernier Scale. Transforming
and Solving Shop Formulas. Proportions and Ration. Temperature Measurement.
* Appendices: List of Axioms, Postulates, and Theorems.
* Glossary.
* Answers to Odd Numbered Problems.
* Index.
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Technical Shop Mathematics, 3rd Edition