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Welding A Management Primer

Welding, A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide

Welding, A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide
Robert O'Con
208 pages, Illustrated, 7 x 10
Published: July, 2000

Concise yet thorough, Welding: A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide will aid those in welding
management with supervision and control of their welding operations, while offering apprentices and industrial practitioners in-
depth instruction on the basic manipulative welding and cutting processes. Extensively illustrated, this hands-on reference is
organized in easy-to-understand user-specific sections. The first section presents managers and small shop owners with the
technical background and practical expertise needed to implement and manage their specific welding operations. In the
second section readers will find a complete curriculum for self or in-plant welder training. Easy to use, this program provides
all the information and practical training regimens for each of the processes described. Additionally, an extensive data
section containing important welding parameters for a range of applications is provided in the third section.

* Provides clear and unbiased recommendations, descriptions, and the operative aspects of several major welding
* Enhances management's ability to make informed decisions on purchasing, supervision and implementation of a
variety of manual welding processes.
* Allows trainers to systematically present welding theory and practice to the student and to customize the instruction for
any specific productive objective.
* Does not overload students with large amounts of data and theoretical material that do not directly and immediately
lead to productive work and proper job performance.

Section I Welding Management
* Welding Foundations and Industrial Applications
* Determining Process Applicability
* The Non-manipulative Processes
* Setting Up the Welding Department
* In-plant Welder Training
* Weld Testing and Welder Certification
Section II Welder Training
* Welding and General Shop Safety
* Blueprint Reading and Welding Symbol Interpretation
* Basic Shop Mathematics
* Principles of Solid State Electronics in Welding
* Welding Metallurgy
* Distortion and the Heat Effects of Welding
* Oxy-fuel Welding, Brazing, and Cutting
* Arc Welding (SMAW)
* TIG Welding (GTAW)
* MIG Welding (GMAW)
* Plasma Welding and Cutting (PAW)
Section 3
* Appendices
* Glossary
* Index
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Welding Management Primer and Employee Traing Guide