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Welding Essentials

Welding Essentials, Questions and Answers

By William L. Galvery, Jr. and Frank B. Marlow
2001, 7 X 10 illustrated softcover
480 pages
As a concise yet thorough introduction to the topic, Welding Essentials makes welding easy for beginners and is a handy reference for professionals. Its unique, comprehensive question-and-answer format will allow readers to quickly find what they are looking for and fully understand it. Eliminating non-essential items to prevent overloading readers, Welding Essentials addresses safety hazards and required precautions in detail and provides solutions to common problems for each process. Additionally, this valuable reference carefully explains step-by-step setup and shutdown procedures, along with why equipment grounding and GFI’s are needed and how they work.
Presents all essential material for beginning welders in small, easy-to-read and understand units.
Introduces the beginning welder to weld inspection, welding symbols and qualification and certification issues.
Can be used in conjunction with welding processes and safety seminars, and as a result become a tremendous asset to companies needing to log and claim that they put printed safety materials into employees’ hands.
Discusses the difference between constant voltage and constant current power supplies and traces the development of welding power supplies from motor-generator sets to transformers to the inverters of today.
A metallurgy chapter explains how welding heat affects metals’ properties and how to minimize its negative effects and provides a clear explanation of hardening, tempering and heat-treating steel.
More than 300 illustrations clarify and detail explanations of every subject.
Includes a comprehensive glossary in English and Spanish.
Oxyacetylene Welding
Oxyfuel Cutting
Brazing and Soldering
SMAW (Stick Welding)
Wire Feed Welding- MIG and Flux Core
Non-Consumable Electrode Welding- TIG and Plasma Arc
Survey of Other Welding Processes
Welding Notation
Controlling Distortion
Welding Metallurgy
Power Supplies and Electrical Safety
Defects and InspectionFabrication and Repair Tips
Glossary (English and Spanish)
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Welding Essentials, Q and A, 2nd Edition