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B and S Taper Tooling
Back Plates for Lathe Chucks
Back Plunger Indicators
Backplates for Lathe Chucks
Baldor Bench Grinders
Ball End Mills
Ball Gages
Ball Pein Hammers
Balldriver and standard, T-Handle Hex keys
Balldrivers, Bondhus Hex Straight Handle
Balldrivers, Bondhus Square straight handle
Balldrivers- Bondhus L Style Ball End Hex Keys
Bandsaw Blade Rolls- BiMetal
Bandsaw Blade Rolls- Carbon Steel
Bandsaw Blades, Portable
Bases and Stands for Indicators
Batteries for Electronic Measuring Tools
Bench Block
Bench Grinders
Bench Grinding Wheels
Bench Vises
Bench-top Shears
Bison 3 Jaw Lathe Chucks
Blackening Chemicals
Blades, Cut-Off
Blades, Hacksaw
Blades, Saw - See SAWS - do not click here
Blank Drill Chuck Arbors
Blanks, Drill
Blocks, 1 2 3 and 4 5 6
Blue Layout Fluid
Blue Tempered Shim Stock
Bolts, T-Slot
Bondhus Balldriver Hex Keys - L Style
Bondhus Balldriver Hex Keys - Screwdriver Style
Bondhus Balldriver Hex Keys - T Handle
Bondhus Balldriver Keys - Square Drive
Bondhus Fold-Up Hex Key Sets
Bondhus Hex Keys (non-ball)
Bondhus Nut Drivers
Bondhus Star Keys for TORX(r) Screws
Books - Classic Machining Books
Books - Compact Reference
Books - Machinery's Handbook
Books - Misc
Books - Modern Machining Books
Books - Specialized Machining Books
Books on CNC Machining
Books on Machining Software
Books on Mathematics
Books on Measuring
Books on Molds and Dies
Books on Molds and Dies
Books on Shop Management
Books on Welding
Bore Gage Setting Master Kit
Bore Gages
Boring Bars, Carbide Tip
Boring Bars, Cobalt
Boring Bars, HS Toolbit Type
Boring Bars, Indexable
Boring Bars, Inserts for Indexable
Boring Heads and Shanks
Boring Tool Holders (non-indexable)
Brass Shim Stock
Bridgeport, Accessories for
Bridgeport, Arbors and Adapters for
Bridgeport, Collets for
Broaches, Bushings for - Inch
Broaches, Bushings for - Metric
Broaches, Keyway
Brown and Sharpe Taper Collets
Brushes, Chip
Burrs, Carbide 1/4" Shank
Burrs, Carbide 1/4" Shank, for Aluminum
Burrs, Carbide 1/8" Shank
Burrs, Diamond
Bushings, Arbor Running
Bushings, Drill Jig - See DRILL JIG BUSHINGS
Bushings, for Keyway Broaches - Inch
Bushings, for Keyway Broaches - Metric
Bushings, Wire Wheel
Button Head Screws