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5C Step Chucks

5C Step Chucks

Also known as Clutch Collets.
Invaluable for holding extra large work up to 5" diameter for a limited depth.
Heat treated and precision ground body and threads.
Soft head, 1 1/8" thick, may be bored or stepped out.
These step chucks are specially designed and constructed to eliminate the need for closers.
Quantity Price Model Description Head Diameter

$21.50 5CC-2
2" 5C Step Chuck 2"

$26.50 5CC-3
3" 5C Step Chuck 3"

$34.00 5CC-4
4" 5C Step Chuck 4"

$44.00 5CC-5
5" 5C Step Chuck 5"

$54.00 5CC-6
6" 5C Step Chuck 6"