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Carmex Mini Internal Threading Kits

Carmex Mini Internal Threading Kits

Sets of indexable carbide toolholders and inserts for internal threading.
Set includes Holder (Miniature or Ultra Miniature) and 10, 10° partial profile low speed coated inserts, grade BXC.
One partial profile insert makes many 60° RH threads (see "Threads Cut" for threads cut by the insert provided with the kit).
Full profile inserts are also available.
EMAIL us for all Carmex products: full profile inserts, larger holders, external holders, etc.
Replaces hundreds of taps, provides tight tolerances, never gets stuck.
Insert IC of the holder and insert must match.
Quantity Price Model Description Insert I.C. Type Min. Bore Shank Threads Cut

$199.00 CAR-KU60I
Carmex Ultra Mini Threading Kit 6mm Ultra Mini .24" 1/2" 20-48

$199.00 CAR-KM60I
Carmex Mini Threading Kit 8mm Mini .31" 5/8" 16-48