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Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicators

Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicators

Mitutoyo horizontal type Dial Test Indicators.
Available by itself or in a set including model ACC-IH-22 Holder for attaching the indicator to the quill of a vertical milling machine for only $9.90 more.

1.3875" face diameter.
.078" contact point.
.374" stem. Anti-magnet type.
Dovetail allows the dial test indicator to be held by many accessories:
Test indicator holders, Zero Set, and Noga, Universal, or Hydraulic magnetic bases.

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$134.00 MIT-513-402
0.0005" Dial Test Indicator .0005" 0-15-0 0.03"

$174.00 MIT-513-403
0.0001" Dial Test Indicator .0001" 0-4-0 0.008"

$159.00 MIT-513-402ST
Mitutoyo 0.0005" Dial Test Ind w/ACC-IH22 quill holder .0005" 0-15-0 0.03"

$204.00 MIT-513-403ST
Mitutoyo 0.0001" Dial Test Ind w/ACC-IH22 quill holder .0001" 0-4-0 0.008"