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Dial Test Indicator Accessories

Universal Indicator Holder for Bridgeport Type Mills

Reach from 0 to 12" diameter. Suitable for all popular indicators with 5/32" shank or dovetail.
Mounts with single pressure screw directly on machine quill, bypassing the working tool.
1 7/8" clamp diameter- quality import.

Special price of only $9.90 with purchase of any dial test indicator!
(order the indicator and holder sets with model numbers ending "-st")

Please note:NO indicator is included with the holder when the holder is a stand-alone purchase.
Quantity Price Model Description

$15.75 ACC-IH22
Universal Indicator Holder

Zero-Set Indicator Holders

The Zero-Set dial indicator holders fit all dovetail equipped indicators, and are used to check the alignment of the centers of round material in relation to the cutting head.
Speeds up set-up operations tremendously!
Manufactured with 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" spindle post and has an effective measuring range of 3/8" to 10".
Quick adjustments and line adjustment controls.

The Accurate Manufacturing model AA-9860M is compatible with the zero-set universal attachment AA-9865M featured below.

Model ACC-ZERO is a quality import but will not take the zero-set universal attachment.

Indicator is NOT included with the purchase of the Zero-Set.
Quantity Price Model Description

$123.75 AA-9860M
Zero-Set Indicator Holder - Accurate Manufacturing

$22.50 ACC-ZERO
Zero-Set Indicator Holder, Import

Zero-Set Universal Attachment

A unique attachment for our Accurate manufacturing Zero-Set that allows placement of any test indicator equipped with dovetails or 1/4" posts in a multitude of positions.
Angles up to 90° on either side, and bends both forwards and backwards.
Attaches in seconds to Zero-Set AA-9860M.

Made by Accurate Manufacturing.

This attachment is ONLY compatible with the US-made model AA-9860M Zero-Set.
The import Zero-Set ACC-ZERO IS NOT compatible with this attachment.
Quantity Price Model Description

$98.75 AA-9865M
Zero-Set Universal Attachment - Accurate Manufacturing

Dial Test Indicator Holder

Model AA-9008.
Universal dovetail indicator with swivel.
2-1/4" long (excluding swivel), 1/4" diameter shank.
These dial test indicator holders are made by Accurate Manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description

$13.80 AA-9008
Universal Dovetail Ind Holder w/ Swivel

Double Jointed Holder for Dial Test Indicators

Model AA-9665.
Double jointed dial test indicator holder.
3/8" diameter, with 4-1/2" reach.
For dial test indicators with dovetails.
Made by Accurate manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description

$36.85 AA-9665
Double Jointed Indicator Holder

Noga Test Indicator Holder Arm

Noga Test Indicator Holder Arm.
Use for centering holes on milling machines.
Ideal for placing parts in parallel on milling machines.
5/16" diam. x 1 1/2" long shank.
Quantity Price Model Description

$54.10 NOG-NF1018
Noga Test Indicator Holder Arm