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Nikcole Mini System Grooving and Cutoff Kit

Nikcole Mini System Grooving and Cutoff Kit

The Nikcole Mini system is designed primarily for narrow cut-off and grooving operations (under .078" width.)
Threading and turning operations are easily performed with the proper inserts.

The Nikcole Mini-Groove kit includes:
THE-7-1/2-R: a 1/2" square shank right-hand external-type tool holder
5 carbide TiN coated SG style grooving inserts (each insert has 2 cutting edges.)
Widths of included inserts are: .035", .043", .051", .063", and .073"
Key and extra screw

This set is compatible with all Nikcole Mini system right-hand inserts.
Please note that left-hand inserts require either a left-hand external or right-hand internal toolholder.

Available inserts for the Nikcole Mini system:
All are GIE series inserts, with varying types:
SG: standard grooving
GP: grooving and cutoff
GR: grooving, full radius
GW: threading
ST: turning

Made in the USA by Nikcole.

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$172.40 NIK-SET5
Nikcole Mini-Groove Kit (1/2" Shank)