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Phase II Micro Quick Change Tool System

Phase II Micro Quick Change Tool System


Phase II Micro Quick Change Tool System.
Piston locking system.
This tool post is made to work on lathes with center heights from 9/32"- 23/32", and 5- 8 inches of swing.

The toolpost is fitted with a machinable T-slot nut to fit machines with a T-slotted compound rest. The toolpost may also be installed directly to a drilled-and-tapped (8 or 10mm) compound rest with either of the included bolts: an 8mm bolt (with included through-body bushing) or 10mm bolt. The tool post body is 1 1/4" high with a base 1 1/2" wide.

The complete set includes one tool post, one turning tool holder, one turning and boring tool holder, one boring bar holder, one cutoff tool holder, and one multi-tool holder.

Some machining is needed to adapt this post to the Prazi SD-400 and similar 7" swing machines.

To order the correct tool post for your machine, measure the CENTER HEIGHT of your lathe: this is the distance from the top of the compound to the center of the chuck. Match your lathe's center height to a toolpost with a compatible center height range. In situations where your lathe will accommodate more than one size tool post, secondary variables (such as swing, tool size capacity, rigidity, etc.) should then be considered to select the post that you want for your machine.
Quantity Price Model Description Center Height Holds Tool Size

$34.00 PH2-250-079
#2 Turning and Boring Tool Holder 9/32"- 23/32" 1/8 - 3/8" toolbits or round bar

$39.00 PH2-250-081
#4 Boring Bar Holder 9/32"- 23/32" 3/8" round bar

$34.00 PH2-250-083
#6 Multi Tool Holder 9/32"- 23/32" 1/8 - 3/8"

$40.00 PH2-250-085
#7 Cut-Off Tool Holder 9/32"- 23/32" P1 or P1N cutoff blades