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Screw Pitch Gages

Screw Pitch Gages

These screw thread measuring gauges are perfect for quick measurement of both standard and special screw pitches.
Top quality screw pitch gauges are made in Germany.

Model 44D is triangle shaped (3 axis), premium USA model made by PEC Tools.
Quantity Price Model Description Measures from To # of Blades

$10.90 GA-44A
Inch Screw Pitch Gage 4 TPI 84 TPI 52

$5.75 GA-44B
Metric Screw Pitch Gage .25 Pitch 3.0 Pitch 24

$5.75 GA-44C
55 degree Whitworth Screw Pitch Gage 4 TPI 62 TPI 28

$42.00 GA-44D
USA Screw Pitch Gage, Triangle Shape 4 TPI 84 TPI 51