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Statistical Process Control, Second Edition

Statistical Process Control, Second Edition

Statistical Process Control, Second Edition
Leonard A. Doty
400 pages, Illustrated, 6 x 9
Published: January, 1996

This in-depth introduction to SPC examines the technical aspects of the practices and procedures that are used to apply the quality management system in manufacturing.

* Provides a description and history of SPC along with an analysis of how it is applied to control quality costs, productivity, product improvement, and work efficiency.
* Includes a new chapter on the 'Tools of Quality' that provides a complete explanation of the seven basic tools.
* Presents an improved discussion on the nature of control charts and a complete rewrite of most of the text to better facilitate an understanding of current trends in quality management.
* Covers unusual but important topics such as, humanistic concepts, DOE (design of experiments), and the probability rules and distributions needed for acceptance sampling.
* Takes special care throughout to fully explain how to read and interpret the various control charts used in the implementation of SPC.

* The Nature of Statistical Process Control
* The Tools of Quality
* The Normal Curve
* Basic Control Charts
* Specialized Control Charts
* Process Analysis and Control
* Other Probability Distributions
* Acceptance Sampling
* Standard Sampling Plans
* Design of Experiments
* Appendix
* Review of Algebra
* Linear Interpolation
* Tables
* Bibliography
* Index

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