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Super-Lok Boring Bar Sets

Super-Lok Boring Bar Sets

Sets of high quality American-made Super-Lok indexable boring bars.
Insert is held rigidly by a unique clamp design.
The only replacement part is a common cap screw.
The sets comes in a wood stand.
Uses standard triangle inserts, such as TPG 221 (1/4" IC) or TPG 321 (3/8" IC).
Each tool includes one insert.

Made in USA by APT.

Follow this link to see the corresponding Carbide Inserts for APT Super-Lok Boring Bars..
Quantity Price Model Description Shank Diam.

$324.00 APT-LB500
6 Piece 1/2" Super-Lok Boring Set 1/2"

$371.00 APT-LC625
6 Piece 5/8" Super-Lok Boring Set 5/8"

$566.00 APT-LD750
8 Piece 3/4" Super-Lok Boring Set 3/4"