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TT Style Carbide Inserts - Grade C5

TT Style Carbide Inserts - Grade C5

TT Style Carbide Inserts: grade C5/C6 carbide for cutting steel.
For indexable lathe turning tool holders.
Inserts have positive rake and chipbreaker groove.

These are the only inserts that may be used in our series TTUS- or TTIM- indexable turning tools.
The 3/8" shank holders use TT-221 or TT-222.
Other sizes use TT-321, TT-322, or TT-323.

Made in the USA.

The I.C. dimension is the diameter of a circle that could be drawn within a triangular insert, touching the midpoint of each side.
Quantity Price Model Description I.C. Radius Thickness Hole Diameter

$3.25 CI-TT-221-C5
TT-221 Grade C5/C6 Carbide Insert, 9023-1200 1/4" .015" 1/8" .09"

$3.25 CI-TT-222-C5
TT-222 Grade C5/C6 Carbide Insert, 9023-1205 1/4" .032" 1/8" .09"

$3.75 CI-TT-321-C5
TT-321 Grade C5/C6 Carbide Insert, 9023-1210 3/8" .015" 1/8" .15"

$3.75 CI-TT-322-C5
TT-322 Grade C5/C6 Carbide Insert, 9023-1215 3/8" .032" 1/8" .15"

$3.75 CI-TT-323-C5
TT-323 Grade C5/C6 Carbide Insert, 9023-1220 3/8" .046" 1/8" .15"