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Accurate Mfg Z2551 51" Caliper Extender

Model #: AA-2551

Accurate Mfg Z2551 51" Caliper Extender

Price: $299.00

Description: 51" Caliper Extender

  • Capacity: 51"
  • Caliper is NOT included

Converts any 6" dial or digital caliper into a measuring device capable of measuring up to 91" with accuracy.
Caliper extender readily attaches to your caliper (2 set screws and 2 clamp screws).
In no way detrimental to your caliper, which may be quickly removed or left assembled as a permanent measuring device.
To measure inside dimensions, shift the pin in block to inside hole (no re-calibration required).
A six-inch calibration rod is supplied so that exact calibration is assured.
1/2" pins provided. Made of black anodized aluminum, except for 91" model which is clear anodized.

In addition to the tolerance of the caliper, for cumulative accuracy add the following tolerances:
51" +/- .004"

No caliper is included with the purchase of a Caliper Extender. Photo shows a caliper for demonstrative purposes only.

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