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Caliper Accessories

Centerline Gages

Measures hole to hole centers quickly and easily.
Attaches to most electronic, dial, and vernier calipers.
60 degree conical points, hardened steel black oxide plated.
Comes with all mounting hardware and instructions.

Made by Accurate Manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description Fits Calipers

$21.90 AA-9009
Centerline Gage for 4 - 8 in. Calipers, 1289-0165 4", 6", 8"

$42.80 AA-9010
Centerline Gage for 12 in. Calipers 12"

Caliper Accessory Kit

Outfits any 4", 6", or 8" caliper, and measures places otherwise impossible to reach.
Thousands of applications, installs in seconds.
Kit contains 2 caliper bodies, 1 pair contact points each in flat, conical, stem and ball end styles, set screws, wrench, and complete instructions.

Made by Accurate Manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description

$47.30 AA-9020
Caliper Accessory Kit

Caliper Extender

Converts any 6" dial or digital caliper into a measuring device capable of measuring up to 91" with accuracy.
Caliper extender readily attaches to your caliper (2 set screws and 2 clamp screws).
In no way detrimental to your caliper, which may be quickly removed or left assembled as a permanent measuring device.
To measure inside dimensions, shift the pin in block to inside hole (no re-calibration required).
A six-inch calibration rod is supplied so that exact calibration is assured.
1/2" pins provided. Made of black anodized aluminum, except for 91" model which is clear anodized.
Made by Accurate Manufacturing.

In addition to the tolerance of the caliper, for cumulative accuracy add the following tolerances:
26" +/- .003"
36" +/- .003"
51" +/- .004"
71" +/- .005"
91" +/- .006"

No caliper is included with the purchase of a Caliper Extender.
Photo may show a caliper for demonstrative purposes only.

Due to the length of the longer extenders, they are subject to extra shipping costs, which can be significant; we'll call you with a quote if these charges apply.
Quantity Price Model Description Capacity
Out of stock
$131.30 AA-2526
26" Caliper Extender 26"
Out of stock
$177.50 AA-2536
36" Caliper Extender 36"
Out of stock
$299.00 AA-2551
51" Caliper Extender 51"

$314.00 AA-2571
71" Caliper Extender 71"

$459.00 AA-2591
91" Caliper Extender, 1266-0296 91"
Out of stock
$43.80 AA-2526-12
1-1/2" extension pins for cal-x-tender -

Caliper Jaw Clamps and Accessories

Jaw clamps allow you to turn your electronic or dial caliper into a thickness gage, depth gage, or other special purpose tool.
All standard 4-48 thread indicator points fit into the clamps.
Clamps can be used by themselves for measuring thickness of paper, plastic, etc.

Model AA-Z6958 - jaw clamp for 6" calipers (.133" max. jaw width).
Model AA-Z6959 - jaw clamp for 12" calipers (.186" max. jaw width).
Model AA-Z6985 - 1" long x .062" diam. anvil (for depth measurement).
Model AA-Z6987 - 2" long x .062" diam. anvil (for depth measurement)
Model AA-Z6940- 1/4" diameter gage ball

Made by Accurate Manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description

$32.80 AA-6958
Jaw Clamp for 6" Caliper

$33.80 AA-6959
Jaw Clamp for 12" Caliper

$30.20 AA-6985
1" long x .062" diam. Jaw Clamp Anvil

$30.20 AA-6987
2" long x .062" diam. Jaw Clamp Anvil

$13.25 AA-6940
1/4" Gage Ball

Depth Base Attachments for Calipers

Turns most dial, vernier, or electronic calipers into a depth measuring device.
Steel base is precision ground.

Made by Accurate Manufacturing.

Quantity Price Model Description Width Fits Calipers

$40.30 AA-9225
3" Caliper Depth Base Attachment 3" 4", 6", 8"

$41.80 AA-9226
4" Caliper Depth Base Attachment 4" 4", 6", 8"

$47.30 AA-9227
5" Caliper Depth Base Attachment 5" 12"