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Electronic Digital Calipers

Victor Machinery supplies a broad range of electronic digital calipers.
The links on this page will display caliper measuring tools available for online purchase.

These accurate caliper measuring tools feature easy to read LCD numbers, instant inch/millimeter conversion, and convenient resetting of the zero point.
This allows for easy comparison measurements and quality control.

Electronic calipers are now available in precise quality import models as well as popular brand names.
We offer models reading in fractions, millimeters, and thousandths of an inch.
We carry a 6 inch electronic caliper engineered for left handed users.

We supply the entire range of Mitutoyo digimatic calipers.
The most popular models are listed at our online store and all others, including solar powered models, are available on request.
Mitutoyo electronic digital calipers feature an absolute scale, eliminating the need to reset the zero even after temporarily resetting the zero point for a comparison measurement.
Plastic electronic calipers are available for measuring delicate or easily marred materials such as molds, rare coins or art objects.

We also carry Fowler electronic calipers with capacities from 6 inches to 40 inches.
Fowler offers an especially broad range of features at an affordable price, including models with direct RS232 output.