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Lathe Tool Posts

Victor Machinery's online store offers great prices on wedge type quick change lathe tool posts and sets.
Holders are available for rectangular toolbits and tool holders, morse taper shanks, boring and threading, knurling and cut-off. Also find turret tool post types below.

To order the correct quick change tool post for your machine, measure the CENTER HEIGHT of your lathe:
this is the distance from the top of the compound to the center of the chuck.

Match your lathe's center height to a toolpost with a compatible center height range.
In situations where your lathe will accommodate more than one size tool post,
secondary variables (such as swing, tool size capacity, rigidity, etc.) should then be considered to select the post that you want for your machine.
Check the individual listings of the different style toolholders below to see the capacities of each series.

We offer sizes starting with the Phase II tool post set for mini lathes with 9/32" to 23/32" center height.
For slightly larger lathes (including popular 7 x 10, 7 x 12, and 7 x 14 mini-lathes) the Phase II hobby tool post set covers center heights of 5/8" to 1-1/8".

We also stock the A2Z quick change tool post system for mini-lathes.
This Made-In-USA system is not only economical, it can be ordered with mounting hardware for machines such as Taig, Sherline, Unimat, Craftsman and most popular imported mini-lathes.

Our larger quick change tool post sets cover center heights from 7/8" to 2-3/4" for lathes with up to 20 inch swing.
Tool posts and tool holders are also available individually.

Tailstock turrets, live centers, and a full line of lathe tooling and accessories are available.