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Layout Fluids and Markers

Dykem Layout Fluids

The world's best-known name in layout fluids.
Dries quickly and evenly.

Please note: these fluids ship by GROUND ONLY !
Dykem layout fluid is NOT available for export.

Please note: The 12 ounce aerosols are sometimes described as 16 ounce.
Dykem has historically packaged these as 12 ounces of product in a 16 ounce can.
Whatever the description, there is no change for items 80000 and 82038,
and they always will have 12 ounces of fluid in the can.
Quantity Price Model Description Type

$9.55 DYK-80300
4 oz. Dykem Blue - Brush in Cap, 6700-0005 4 oz. Blue-brush cap

$12.80 DYK-80400
8 oz. Dykem Blue - Brush in Cap, 6700-0010 8 oz. Blue-brush cap

$12.80 DYK-80496
8 oz. Dykem Red - Brush in Cap, 6700-0240 8 oz. Red-brush cap

$15.40 DYK-80000
12 oz. Aerosol Dykem Blue, 6700-0030 12 oz. Aerosol Blue

$13.70 DYK-82038
12 oz. Aerosol Dykem Remover, 6700-0160 12 oz. Aerosol Remover

Dykem Hi-Spot Blue

For locating high spots when scraping bearing surfaces. Double size tube holds .55 oz.

These products are NOT available for export.
Quantity Price Model Description

$9.80 DYK-83307
Dykem Hi-Spot Blue tube

Dykem Brite-Mark Markers

DYKEM markers write permanently on metal, glass, wood, etc.
Quick drying oil-based paint.
Valve action tip resists drying out.
These Dykem markers are NOT available for export.
Quantity Price Model Description

$4.45 DYK-MBLU
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, Blue, 6701-0005

$4.45 DYK-MBLA
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, Black, 6701-0010

$4.45 DYK-MWHI
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, White, 6701-0015

$4.45 DYK-MYEL
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, Yellow, 6701-0020

$4.45 DYK-MORA
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, Orange, 6701-0025

$4.45 DYK-MRED
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, Red, 6701-0030

$4.45 DYK-MGRE
Dykem Brite-Mark Marker, Green, 6701-0035