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Magnetic Indicator Stands

Magnetic Bases

Magnetic Dial Indicator Stands.
With on/off switch. Universal arm to hold all types of indicators.
V-groove in base to clamp onto round bar.
Base is appx.1 7/8" x 1 7/8" x 2 3/8"
Quantity Price Model Description Style Pull

$19.00 MB-B
Plain Arm Magnetic Base, 1276-0010 Plain style 90 lbs.

$20.50 MB-F
Fine Adjustment Magnetic Base, 1276-0025 Fine adjustment on arm 90 lbs.

Magnetic Base and Dial Indicator Sets

Magnetic Base and Dial Indicator Sets
Both sets include our MB-F "Fine Adjustment" magnetic base.
The VDI-2 dial indicator has 1" travel and a 0-100 dial face graduated in .001".
The TEC-D2 dial indicator is made by Teclock in Japan; it also has 1" travel and a 0-100 dial face graduated in .001".
Quantity Price Model Description

$36.90 ST-00
Set: MB-F Base with VDI-2 Dial Indicator, 1267-0005

$85.00 ST-02
Set: MB-F Base with TEC-D2 Dial Indicator

Universal Magnetic Base

Universal Magnetic Base holds all dovetail or 5/16" stem indicators (NOT 3/8" STEMS).
One knob mechanically tightens both arms.
12" reach.
Arm color may vary.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$29.90 MB-U100
Universal Magnetic Base

Noga DG61003 Magnetic Base

Noga DG61003 Magnetic Base
Magnetic Dial Indicator Holder.
Fine Adjustment on top "Universal" swivel clamp.
With on/off switch. 175 pound magnetic force.
Holds dovetail, lug back, 6mm, 8mm, and 3/8" .
Central locking mechanism on arm.
V-groove in base to clamp onto round bar.
Base is appx.2" wide x 2-1/2" long x 2 1/8" high.
Quantity Price Model Description

$102.00 NOG-DG61003
Noga DG61003 Fine Adjustment Magnetic Base, 1205-0421

Mighty Mag Magnetic Base

Mighty Mag magnetic base.
Features a strong magnet, a #10-32 tapped hole, a 1/4"-20 tapped hole, and a 3/8" reamed hole, allowing for a wide range of holding options.
The Mighty Mag base is made in the USA.

Our set ST-44 includes a Mighty Mag base and our VDI-2 dial indicator (1" travel, 0-100 face, .001" graduation.)
No indicator is included with the purchase of model number MB-MIG.
Quantity Price Model Description

$14.90 MB-MIG
Mighty Mag Magnetic Base, 1276-0095

$28.40 ST-44
Set: Mighty Mag with VME VDI-2 Indicator (0-1", .001", 0-100) 1267-0075

Maxi Mag

Imported Magnetic Base, similar to Mighty Mag, but with less magnetic strength.
Quantity Price Model Description

$8.35 MB-MAX
Maxi Mag Magnetic Base, 1276-0120

$18.00 ST-05
Set: Maxi Mag with VDI-2 Dial Indicator (0-1", .001", 0-100) 1267-0080

Nogaflex Magnetic Base

Nogaflex Magnetic Base.
Unique, 5 axis, 3-dimensional holder.
Unique patented 360° fine adjustment at the base.
Central locking mechanism with NOGA designed spring loaded bearing.
On/Off magnetic base.
Holds dial indicators with 3/8" stem and test indicator with dovetail.
Supplied also with adapter for 6mm.
70 lb pull.
Quantity Price Model Description

$118.90 NOG-NF1024
Nogaflex Magnetic Base, 1205-0400

Flexible Magnetic Base

Flexible Magnetic Base.
Permanent magnet with on and off switch control.
Cam lever operates cable; locks it rigid at any desired position.
Cable tension adjustable.
Stem flexes full 360°.
Accepts all A.G.D. dial indicators.
Overall length: 13".
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$39.90 MB-FL
Flexible Magnetic Base, 1276-0100

Fowler Magnetic Surface Gage

Fowler Magnetic Surface Gage.
With an on/off magnetic switch- use either as a surface gage or a magnetic base.
2-1/16" x 3-1/8" base
5/16" x 9" long rod and hardened scribe
Includes case.
Fowler Model FOW-155-747 is a set which includes the magnetic surface gage and Dial Test Indicator FOW-562-788.
Quantity Price Model Description

$107.60 FOW-52-155-743
Fowler Magnetic Surface Gage
Out of stock
$145.40 FOW-52-155-747
Fowler Mag Surface Gage and Indicator Set