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Other 5C Tooling

Indexing Collet Blocks for 5C Collets

These 5C collet blocks are for fast, short run, set-ups.
Perfect for 60°, 90°, & 120° grinding or milling on parallel flats, squares, triangles (with vee block), hexes, etc.
Each block comes complete with ring closer.
Takes 5C collets from 1/16" to 1 1/16".
Made of tool steel, hardened and ground.parallel and square to +/- .0005".
Size: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 3 1/4"
Quantity Price Model Description

$25.90 5C-HXCB
Hex Collet Block with Ring Closer, 1706-0006

$25.90 5C-SQCB
Square Collet Block with Ring Closer, 1706-0011

$12.90 5C-CC
Lever Collet Closer, 1706-0015

$63.50 5C-CB
5C Collet Block Set, Hex,Square+Closer, 1706-9980

5C Collet Stops

Hardened black oxide finish. Uses threaded rod or screws for stop.
Has full hex-milled end for use of wrench, and fits into the 5C cam closer.
Quantity Price Model Description

$5.95 5C-CS
5C Collet Stop, 1708-0015

5C Spin Indexes and Collet Sets

5C spin Indexes, 1 1/8" maximum capacity.
Extends the capabilities of drill presses, surface grinders, and milling machines.
Vernier reads to 10 minute accuracy, .0005" ground lapped; 2" travel for flute grinding.
Simple 1° indexing.
Hardened and ground spindle.
Index plate has 36 hole circle.
Spindle run out within .0005" on Phase II model.
Spindle lock and hole for tightening collet. Plate graduated by 1° to 360°.
SAVE MORE!- SETS include spin jig and 15 5C collets (1/8"-1" by 16th's) at a special price !
Quantity Price Model Description Description

$79.00 R1F4-EC
VME 5C Spin Jig, 1709-0010 Economy Model.Not held to above tolerances.
Out of stock
$150.00 R1F4
Phase II 5C Spin Jig Phase II Brand. Top Quality.

$169.00 R1F4-EC-ST
VME 5C Spin Jig and Collet Set Economy Model.Not held to above tolerances.
Out of stock
$237.00 R1F4-ST
Phase II 5C Spin Jig and Collet Set Phase II Brand. Top Quality.

5C Collet Rack for 30 Collets

Holds 30 collets. Heavy, painted steel. 5 1/2" h. x 12" w. x 9 1/2" deep. Mounts on wall, bench, or machine.
Quantity Price Model Description

$22.95 5C-RA30
5C Collet Rack for 30 collets

5C Collet Rack for 72 Collets

Holds 72 collets. Heavy, painted steel. 16 1/2" h. x 15 1.2" w. x 8" deep.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$34.50 5C-RA72
5C Collet Rack for 72 collets

Cam Type 5C Collet Fixture

Horizontal/vertical vises for 5C collets.
Mounts easily on a mill table or angle plate.
Collets change quickly.
Quantity Price Model Description

$62.50 5C-AV
5C Cam Type Collet Fixture, 2001-0125

Lever Type 5C Collet Fixtures

Horizontal/vertical vises for 5C collets.
Mounts easily on a mill table or angle plate.
Small movement of lever opens and closes collet.
Quantity Price Model Description

$59.50 5C-LV
5C Lever Type Collet Fixture

Horizontal/Vertical 5C Collet Index

Patented Single lever action - allows rapid one-handed indexing.
24 maskable indexing holes.
A ratchet device on the front of the spindle permits rapid rotation of the spindle nose.
Threaded spindle: 2 1/4"- 8. The spindle has a taper seat in the body frame.
Quantity Price Model Description

$279.00 MAC-HV
5C Collet Index, Horizontal/Vertical, 1709-0005

Bison 5C Collet Chucks

Bison collet chucks have a forged steel body and forged scroll. T.I.R. .0004"
Holds standard 5C collets.
Plain Back - For mounting with adapter plates. Please call or e-mail for the adapter plates.
Can be used for turning, facing, boring, grinding and milling on center lathes and grinding machines.
Features a simple key-operated scroll, allowing uniform clamping and quick collet exchange.
European Quality - made by Bison.
Quantity Price Model Description Diameter

$805.00 5C-COL4
Bison 7-862-0401 4" 5C Collet Chuck 4"

$551.00 5C-COL5
Bison 7-862-0501 5" 5C Collet Chuck 5"

5C Fixture Mounts

5C Fixture Mounts / Chuck Adapters.
Used in place of face plate fixtures for mounting Lathe Chucks.
Soft head is easily machined. (Machining is REQUIRED- these are unfinished mounts.)
Heat-treated tool steel 5C shank.
Approx. 1" Face Depth.
Quantity Price Model Description Head Diameter
Out of stock
$39.90 5CFM-4
5C Fixture Mount, 4" Flange 4"
Out of stock
$48.80 5CFM-5
5C Fixture Mount, 5" Flange 5"
Out of stock
$51.80 5CFM-6
5C Fixture Mount, 6" Flange 6"