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Rules, Other

General Ultra Rules

Ultra thin stainless steel rule has micro-fine marking holes and slots at each graduation for scribing or marking with a fine pencil.
Flexible with matte finish and engraved lines.
Quantity Price Model Description Size Graduations
Out of stock
$9.25 GEN-641
6" General Ultra Rule-Inch/mm 6" 32nds, mm

Hook Rules

Made of hardened and tempered steel. Satin chrome finish.

Made in the USA by P.E.C. Tools
Quantity Price Model Description Size Reads

$22.15 HR-6-4R
6" PEC 4R Hook Rule, 1324-0005 6" 4R

$22.15 HR-6-16R
6" PEC 16R Hook Rule, 1326-0005 6" 16R

$22.15 HR-6-M
6" PEC Inch/mm Hook Rule, 1326-0006 6" E/M

$32.00 HR-12-4R
12" PEC 4R Hook Rule, 1324-0010 12" 4R

$32.00 HR-12-16R
12" PEC 16R Hook Rule, 1326-0010 12" 16R

$32.00 HR-12-M
12" PEC Inch/mm Hook Rule 12" E/M

Multi-Use Rule and Gage

4" rule graduated in 64ths and millimeters.
Used as a drill point gage, square, bevel protractor and center finder.
Tap and drill table included. Made of stainless steel.

Made by General Tools.
Quantity Price Model Description

$13.35 GEN-16ME
Multi-Use Rule and Gage, General, 6800-0075

Reference Table

Made of steel. Includes decimal equivalents, tap-drill sizes, and a 6" rule.
Made by General Tools.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$7.10 GEN-715
General Reference Table and Rule, 6800-1160