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Carbide Burr Sets

1/8 Shank Carbide Burr Set

Carbide Burr Sets.
1/8" shank, Single Cut Burrs.
11 piece set: one each of SA-41, SA-42, SA-43, SC-41, SD-42, SF-42, SG-41, SH-41, SJ-42, SM-42, SN-42.
No case.

Made in the USA.
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$59.95 BUR-8451
1/8" Shank Carbide Burr Set, single-cut, 11 pcs

1/8 Shank Carbide Burr Set with 1/4 inch Heads

Carbide burr sets: 1/4" Diameter heads mounted on 1/8" shanks.
Shapes in set are SA-51, SB-51, SC-51, SD-51, SE-51, SF-51, SG-51, SM-51, SN-51.
Sold without a case.
Set BUR-ST-51: 9 piece single cut set.
Set BUR-ST-51-DC: 9 piece double cut set.
Quantity Price Model Description

$69.75 BUR-ST-51
Carbide Burr Set, 1/4" Head, 1/8" Shank, Single Cut, 9 pcs
Out of stock
$73.25 BUR-ST-51-DC
Carbide Burr Set, 1/4" Head, 1/8" Shank, Double Cut, 9 pcs, 1109-0065