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Manual Digital Micrometers

VME Digital Micrometers

Micrometers read .0001" on vernier-marked sleeve and .001" on mechanical (NOT electronic) digital counter.
Carbide faces and ratchet stop.

Accurate and easy to read.
Popular in metal warehouses, sheet metal shops, and other locations where a quick reading to .001 is required.
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$53.20 DIG-01
0-1" VME Digital Micrometer, 1245-0010 0 - 1"

$55.75 DIG-02
1-2" VME Digital Micrometer, 1245-0015 1 - 2"

$68.99 DIG-03
2-3" VME Digital Micrometer, 1245-0020 2 - 3"
Out of stock
$138.95 DIG-ST
Set of 0-3" VME Digit Micrometers, 1245-0030 0 - 3"

Fowler Easy Read Digital Micrometers

Fowler Easy Read Digital Micrometers.
Reads .0001" on MECHANICAL (not electronic) digital counter.
Carbide faces.
Standards included with models over 1".
These items have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are on closeout here.
Quantity Price Model Description Range

Fowler/NSK Premium Digital Micrometers

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.

These top-quality micrometers have vernier-marked sleeves and mechanical (NOT electronic) digital counters.

Spindle is hardened and ground all over.
Beautifully finished frame with heat-insulated pad.
Easy-to-read long lined vernier on sleeve. Unique relaying mechanism of counter and micrometer with metal gears.
Quick and easy zero adjustment. Counter display has an easy reading magnifier.
Measuring faces are cemented carbide.
Sleeve and thimble-hard chrome plated, no-glare satin finished.

Please note that some models will be marked 'Fowler' and some sizes will be marked 'NSK'.
The NSK factory is no longer producing micrometers so only our 'new old stock' is from the NSK factory.
Quantity Price Model Description Range Graduation
Out of stock
$88.00 YUANO2-I
1-2" NSK Digital Micrometer (Last One) 1-2" .0001"
Out of stock
$125.00 YUANO11-I
10-11" NSK Digital Micrometer (sale-last one!) 10-11" .0001"