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High Speed Steel Tap and Die Sets

High Speed Steel Tap and Die Sets

High Speed Steel Tap and Die Sets put common sizes of taps and dies in one handy location, when you need them.
Our industrial sets have High Speed Steel round adjustable dies and the appropriate holder.
High Speed Steel taps and dies will provide greater durability than the carbon steel taps and dies often found in sets.
These high speed steel tap and die sets include a case and the necessary tap wrenches and die stocks, screw pitch gage, and screwdriver.

40 Piece Inch set includes: 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32, 12-24, 1/4-20, 1/4-28, 5/16-18, 5/16-24, 3/8-16, 3/8-24, 7/16-14, 7/16-20, 1/2-13, 1/2-20, 1/8 NPT.

39 Piece Metric set includes:
3x.5, 3x.6, 4x.7, 4x.75, 5x.8, 5x.9, 6x.75, 6x1, 7x.75, 7x1, 8x1, 8x1.25, 10x1.25, 10x1.5, 12x1.5, 12x1.75, 1/8 NPT.

Case style may vary from the example shown in the photo.

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$129.00 TDST-IN
40 Piece Inch Size HS Tap and Die Set GTS:395-965 WT:600-510

$129.00 TDST-MM
39 Piece MM Size HS Tap and Die Set