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Indexes and Spacers

Horizontal/Vertical 5C Collet Index

Patented Single lever action - allows rapid one-handed indexing.
24 maskable indexing holes.
A ratchet device on the front of the spindle permits rapid rotation of the spindle nose.
Threaded spindle: 2 1/4"- 8. The spindle has a taper seat in the body frame.
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$279.00 MAC-HV
5C Collet Index, Horizontal/Vertical, 1709-0005

Horizontal/Vertical Super Spacer

Precision-made 8" simple index for milling, drilling, jig boring and many common shop applications.
360° satin-chromed graduation ring, adjustable vernier plate: accurate to 1'.
24-position index plate, hardened and ground.
Six masking plates for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 divisions are furnished.
Clamping shoes lock spindle without affecting spindle alignment.

Chucking capacity - 8".
Indexing accuracy - 35 sec.
Squareness (Base to Chuck) - .0008" max.
Parallelism over face - .0006" max.
Concentricity of mounting flange - .0008" T.I.R.
Concentricity of chuck - .0016" T.I.R.
Gross weight - 127 lbs.
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Out of stock
$895.00 MAC-SS
Horizontal/Vertical Super Spacer

5C Spin Indexes and Collet Sets

5C spin Indexes, 1 1/8" maximum capacity.
Extends the capabilities of drill presses, surface grinders, and milling machines.
Vernier reads to 10 minute accuracy, .0005" ground lapped; 2" travel for flute grinding.
Simple 1° indexing.
Hardened and ground spindle.
Index plate has 36 hole circle.
Spindle run out within .0005" on Phase II model.
Spindle lock and hole for tightening collet. Plate graduated by 1° to 360°.
SAVE MORE!- SETS include spin jig and 15 5C collets (1/8"-1" by 16th's) at a special price !
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$79.00 R1F4-EC
VME 5C Spin Jig, 1709-0010 Economy Model.Not held to above tolerances.
Out of stock
$150.00 R1F4
Phase II 5C Spin Jig Phase II Brand. Top Quality.

$169.00 R1F4-EC-ST
VME 5C Spin Jig and Collet Set Economy Model.Not held to above tolerances.
Out of stock
$237.00 R1F4-ST
Phase II 5C Spin Jig and Collet Set Phase II Brand. Top Quality.