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We have updated the search box in the upper left hand of every page.
The results page will include both individual products (model number and price will be shown)
and product categories (no price will show on the results page).

On the results page you can narrow the search by attributes such as style, size, diameter, length, etc.

Breadcrumb Navigation

When looking at a product detail page, a breadcrumb path will display links to category, subdepartment, and department -
making it easy to navigate to similar products.
An example is:
Home>GAGES, SQUARES, SET UP TOOLS>Thread Measuring Gages>Screw Pitch Gages>
GA-44B Metric Screw Pitch Gage, 24 Blades, measures .25 - 6.0 Pitch

Category Navigation

Visit our Home Page to view products by department, such as Taps or Lathe Tool Holders.
You can either click on the name of a department to see a listing of subdepartments, or use the mouseover menu to go directly to the subdepartments.

Alphabetical Index

It may seem old fashioned, but often the Alphabetical Index is the easiest way to find an item.
Hard to categorize items like Magnifiers and items such as Carbide Inserts listed alphabetically (SNMG, TPG, etc.) are easy to find this way.