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Angle Gages

Angle Block Set

A simplified accurate, quick and direct method for angle set-ups in tooling, production and inspection. Ten Blocks. Furnished in 1 degree increments to 5 degrees and in 5 degree increments to 30 degrees. Oil-hardened steel, precision ground.
Size 3" long x 1/4" thick.
Accuracy .0001" per inch.
Lightly magnetized for better holding. In fitted case.
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$45.60 ANG-10
Angle Block Set, 10 piece, 1291-0080

Angle Gage Set

Quick and accurate inspection of angles and I.D. or O.D. chamfers, in or out of a machine. Use to position lathe tools for chamfers. Use to inspect angles on ground form tools and cutters.

Angle gage sets include 18 separate gages for easy use. Eight gaging surfaces per gage. Each gage checks primary, 1/2 primary and complimentary angles.
5° through 90° primary angles, 95° through 175° complementary angles.
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$22.50 GA-ANG18
Angle Gage Set

Starrett Angle Meter

Quick and easy way to measure angles.
Reads 0- 90 degrees in any quadrant- accurate to 1/2 of a degree.
Magnetic base allows hands-free use. Handy rise, run, angle, and pitch information is on back of gage.
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$16.95 STA-AM2
Starrett Angle Meter, 6525-0540

Universal Angle Block Set

The combination of 10°, 15° and 30° vee blocks and 5 angle plates, 1° to 5°, provides fast and easy setups at various angles in 1° increments.
All pieces heat-treated 45-50 Rc and precision-ground to plus or minus 10 seconds.
Vee block dimensions: 3" long, 1 3/16" wide, 1 3/16" high.
Angle plate dimensions: 2 3/4" long, 1 3/16" wide, 5/64" high at narrow end.
In wood case.
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$69.00 ANG-8
Universal Angle Block Set, 1291-0082

Solid Angle Plates

Set of 2 hardened and ground steel angle plates with mounting holes.
One is 30°/60°/90°, the other 45°/45°/90°.
Long side of each plate is approximately 4 inches.
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$34.90 ANG-2
Solid Angle Plates, Set of 2, 2127-0025

Thin Angles and Parallels

Economy thin angle and parallel sets are precision ground on the working surface only. Full hardened steel. 5/32" thick.

Model ANG-6 - Set of 6 angles, 1/2° through 5°; 3 1/2" long.
Model ANG-5 - Set of 5 angles, 6° through 10°; 3 1/2" long.
Model PP-04 - Set of 4 pairs of parallels, 3" long. 1 pair each of 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8".
Set ANG-ST3 includes all 3 sets at a special low price.
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Out of stock
$12.50 PP-04
Set of 4 Pairs of Thin Parallels, 1291-0015

$9.50 ANG-5
Set of 5 Thin Angles, 6- 10 deg, 1291-0020

$10.50 ANG-6
Set of 6 Thin Angles, 1/2- 5 deg, 1291-0010
Out of stock
$27.50 ANG-ST3
Set of ANG-5, ANG-6, PP-04 (ONE EACH: 1291-0010, 0015, 0020)

Drill Point Gage

Drill point gages are used to maintain accurate 59° drill point angle.
Functions as outside caliper, precise from 0 to 5" with locking slide.
Hook is removable for instant conversion to 6" stainless steel satin chrome rule.
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$39.85 PEC-5070
Drill Point Gage - Inch 32nds, 64ths, 8ths, 16ths

$39.85 PEC-5071
Drill Point Gage - Metric 32nds, 64ths, 1mm, .5mm

Angle Grinding Gage

Universal gage for grinding and checking 5 common angles: 55, 60, 90, 118, and 120 degrees.
Stainless steel.
3-3/4" long.
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$3.95 GA-ANG5
Angle Grinding Gage WT:1289-350

General Depth and Angle Gage

6 x 1/4" stainless steel rule with 2 1/2" wide hardened and ground steel base.
Spring tension nut for easy depth or angle mearsurements.
30°, 40°, and 60° settings on both sides.

Made by General Tools.
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Out of stock
$18.30 GEN-444
Depth and Angle Gage, General, 6800-1210 1/32, 1/64"

Multi-Use Rule and Gage

4" rule graduated in 64ths and millimeters.
Used as a drill point gage, square, bevel protractor and center finder.
Tap and drill table included. Made of stainless steel.

Made by General Tools.
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$13.35 GEN-16ME
Multi-Use Rule and Gage, General, 6800-0075